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sur irc, on s'est amusé à commenter et comprendre le schema de relation des personnages du drama Utahime. Et comme le scan était bien mais pas hyper lisible niveau écriture, une grande question subsiste !
Voilà ce que ça donne:

[21:38] <megami> je comprends rien aux flèches des liens entre personnages
[21:38] <Maaya> y'a des kanji compliqués
[21:39] <koo-sensei> je dirais, rouge, ils sont copains
[21:39] <koo-sensei> verts, c'est la parenté
[21:39] <koo-sensei> gris, l'amour?
[21:39] <megami> non, rose c'est l'amour
[21:40] <koo-sensei> bleu, la compétition?
[21:40] <megami> bleu c'est copain

Hanakimi ?

May. 19th, 2007 11:57 pm
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Et oui la population de fangirls est en émoi : Ryo est chatain... Baaaaaaaah.
Enfin s'il a fait cela pour le drama d'hanakimi (qui commence à devenir une rumeur bien tenace), cela veut dire qu'il ne jouera absolument pas le rôle de Sano ! Donc on est sauvé ! (Ryo je t'adore mais non tu peux pas être Sano c'est physiquement impossible mon chou)
Donc d'après tout cela, je dirai bien que Ryo ferait le débile Nakatsu, qui est plutôt blond et vient d'osaka, ça colle pas mal non ? Et pis ça changerait de l'éternel rôle de raleur qu'il se tape depuis le début !

Hmm voyons le reste du casting rumoré (j'invente des mots) :
Toma(aaaaaaaa) : franchement s'il ne joue pas le rôle Kayashima, le gars qui voit les auras et autres joyeusetés, ce serait de l'injustice ! Car je le trouve parfait dans ce rôle !
Oguri Shun : sano ? hmmmmm aucune idée
Et pis c'est tout

(j'aime les messages inutiles le samedi soir)

Oh un message barré c'est joli !
So ...
Pas de Ryo (c'est pas plus mal) et Toma en Nakatsuuu, mouais, ça peut très bien le faire ! (mais j'avoue en Kayashima ça aurait été encore plus top mais c'est quand même un perso mineur)
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From Tokyo friend park :

Hanadan 2 will be the best drama ever !
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Seriously, I loooooooooove this drama, it's just too stupid, no one can resist ! I watched the first episodes with my best friends who never saw any drama in their entire life and they loved it, really !!
I watched the 5th episode this afternoon and I couldn't resist to do some screencaps of Koki during his period before joining the Yakuza. Koki is just too cute and lovely in this drama (and I'm speaking about a KAT-TUN ... my life is over), so here comes 2 (ugly) icons ( Toshop 7 still hates me and I hate the 6 version).


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It's been a week since I wrote the last entry here... *no excuse*
*nothing to say*
I'm a little depressed these days for (too) many reasons *don't want to expose this here*

Yesterday, I finally watched Nana's movie! I love it! I heard people found that it was a slow movie and all. But I think it's a great adaptation of this shoujo. They focused on the sad side of the story and that's good (even if Nana is quite funny sometimes). Casting is great too ... except Shin, i didn't find him cute at all, he has a strange face, too different from the kawaiiiiii manga's Shin ! Nothing else to say, I'm pretty bad talking about movies ^^'
Tonight, I watched episodes 13 & 14 of Goong ! I love this drama (yes I love so many things, it's kinda tiring actually). Yul changed his hair style *sad >__<*, he lost some points in charisma ! But it's still a wonderful character. And the actor (Kim Jeong Hoon) makes my heart move by his skill. He is SO perfect for this role! Yul, you must wiiiiiiiiiiin ! I'm with you, go go !
Also watched Gachibaka 6, still watchable (does this word exist in english??? *don't think so*) Tegoshi is just too cute in this, and Massu too *fangirl* But, there's one thing that's upset me in this kind of drama, everything ends very well "I don't have money and I'll be kicked from school but *surprise* someone coming from another planet helps me unexpectedly and everything turns out perfectly and life is wonderful and I love the world". I know I'm a pessimistic girl but a little point of reality would be great in dorama sometimes (I don't care for romantic drama, for me it MUST be stupid ^^)!
Watched Utawara too... Jun rulzzz (and I love the moment, in Kat-tun live, when Ueda after singing bowed to the guy in building entrance) !

*sleeping time*


Jan. 29th, 2006 08:11 pm
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As I said in my previous post, I have finally watched the first episode of Gachibaka.
My toughts: it's not a bad drama but the story is too common. It's clearly a GTO's remake with a bit of boxe stuff. The great new teacher, an ex-boxer who promised his sensei to be a teacher too and lead his students on the right way (bla bla bla), comes to an new school and by chance he is in charge of the most problematic class... He will gain the trust of this persons one step to another thanks to his big heart and ideal !
Hum hum not quite original...
But, buuut, buuut there are ... there are ... two beautiful actors ... hum singers ... hum well two johnny's : Tegoshi Yuya & Masuda Takahisa !!! That's all... But, I'm sure there will be a love triangle between them and the girl (can't remember her name)... I'm sure T___T IT'S WRONG! Fight for me instead, both of you !!! Rah my stupid fangirlism comes out again >_<<
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