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Sep. 18th, 2006 10:13 pm
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Get a little bored these days and Toshop 7 is now aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive on my pc *lovelove*, so I made some icons (because I need some for my personal use) with very different subjects ^^
If you take one (well I doubt that), just credit me ...

[2x] My Boss my hero
[4x] Tegonyan
[2x] Tacchon
[1x ] MatsuJun
[1x ] Kanjani
[1x ] Shige
[1x ] Massu
[2x] Pompon stuff
[1x ] Desire Climax




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Seriously, I loooooooooove this drama, it's just too stupid, no one can resist ! I watched the first episodes with my best friends who never saw any drama in their entire life and they loved it, really !!
I watched the 5th episode this afternoon and I couldn't resist to do some screencaps of Koki during his period before joining the Yakuza. Koki is just too cute and lovely in this drama (and I'm speaking about a KAT-TUN ... my life is over), so here comes 2 (ugly) icons ( Toshop 7 still hates me and I hate the 6 version).


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I just made new icons (yeaaah icons, nothing can stop me now~), I use new Ai Takahashi's photobook  "19" to make them. Only 10 of them, I'm so bad with this photoshop's version...

Mini teaser ~


Takitty is so cuuuuuuuuute )


Feb. 22nd, 2006 08:46 pm
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I'm a fan of Goong, aka Palace, aka Princess Hour... I love the manwha and the drama! My favorite character is Yul (Go go Yul! You must win *that'll never happen, stupid main female character*). And the actor who plays the role is too handsome ! He plays so well this role, really! Yul, be strong...
Anyway, I made 5 Goong's icons, from comic's scan. Enjoy!
Even if I doubt someone will use one of them, if so, just credit me !


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Je viens de poster des icons sur une communauté et donc je les mets ici aussi. Elles datent d'avant la mort de mon bien aimé toshop il y a peu de temps...


Last jun jun looove )
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Lalalala je poste des vieux trucs là ^^' Y'en a tellement peu que même pas de lj cut je crois

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Lalalalalala bon je continue mes icons, vieilles, que je redimensionne pour LJ



more more *love* )
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Hop hop hop j'ai fait pas mal d'icons de toma il y a quelques temps et je les ai redimensionné pour pouvoir être utilisées sur LJ !



Suite suite )
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