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Oh I love THIS !

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 7 people about this game.
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Tacchon is one you like but can't work out.
• You care most about Dru'.
Vince is the one who knows you very well.
Shushu is your lucky star.
Right back to you is the song that matches with Nino.
Kamen Budokai is the song for Tacchon.
Rainman is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.
• and Osaka romanesque is the song telling you how you feel about life
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Hmm I only update this journal with (stupid & weird) dreams I had ...

I often dream about JE boys ... Being a fangirl is such a difficult task (but actually I prefer dreaming about them than about some boy close to me that I want to forget for example...).

First dream : in a unknown city, in a cloudy day, Kanjani8 held a outdoor concert ... but only for foreign people ! So I woke up very early that day to be in the first row. Surprisingly, there were nobody all day ! And it started to rain >__< At the beginning at the show, there were only a few spectators ... poor kanjani (and this stupid dream ended here, without a single glance of this live).

Second dream (where a JE boy will be hurt) : there was a strange place, a perfect round and big house with a pillar on the center (that's a very precise description). When I entered this place, I was inform it was actually the JE main building (with only one floor, this is very logical). But i joined a group directed by ... Ayaya (yeah Aya Matsuura, don't ask me why) who were roller skating all around... So I was rollerskating too (and that's a fact more unreal than any element of this dream) and I stopped next some News's members. We were at the side of a swimming pool ... and I pushed Shige in that pool ... but this pool was totally ... empty ... Poor Shige ! *end*

That's all ! Can't remember any other (well, there's that dream with evil aliens and their invasion's attempt via a cd ... but no pretty boy in this).
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I had a weird dream some nights ago (well my dreams are always a little bit strange, according to many of my friends ... and I think this statement is totally true ... For example : who ever dream of rainbow fishes who talk and help you find jewelery in a beautiful lake before going to a pirate boat hidden behind a mountain ? Not many people I guess ^^).

Anyway, this dream wasn't that strange actually.
I met a guy in a bar and he was a Johnny's BUT i totally can't remember who he was ^^' And as the night goes on he offered me a drink and then many drinks ... Ad suddenly I asked him "But I thought in JE you weren't that rich, that Johnny-san keeps all the money for him !" (don't ask me where I find this in my subconscious).
And he answered "Oh that's right but I'm special you know !"
Me "oh"
Silly dream ! But one question ! Who was he ???????
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Created by [profile] frozen_rii

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I'm still aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive !
(3rd time I re-do this post, I gonna cry soon I think... first i click on a link and the post disappeared, second time IE died ... Oh I'm so lucky, I love myself ... somebody out there must hate me >___<)... *cry*
ANYWAY, Go go maaya !
So I said ...

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Sometimes we have really interesting conversations on msn... In french :

Maaya [ mode evil (the real come back) ] dit :
tu veux un tamagotchi

Maaya [ mode evil (the real come back) ] dit :
/me note

vince dit :
tu préfèrerais pas un ninogotchi?

Maaya [ mode evil (the real come back) ] dit :
rah mais le concept de la mort

Maaya [ mode evil (the real come back) ] dit :
"toi aussi éléve ton JE boy à la maison"

vince dit :

vince dit :
avec plein de versions différentes

vince dit :
le tegogotchi

vince dit :
le jungotchi

Maaya [ mode evil (the real come back) ] dit :
trop bien

Maaya [ mode evil (the real come back) ] dit :
mais ça se vendrait hyper bien en plus

vince dit :
le ohnogotchi fourni avec le idol-gotchi

Maaya [ mode evil (the real come back) ] dit :

Maaya [ mode evil (the real come back) ] dit :
avec interaction et tout

vince dit :
on tient un concept là

vince dit :

Maaya [ mode evil (the real come back) ] dit :
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Oh it's been a long time since I wrote my last message here...
I'm not really motivated to write in english at this moment...

Anyway, why my life is over?
Last night, I had some dreams ... too weird dreams (even for me).
In the first dream, there was Sho from Arashi... First time I dream about him, really weird. He is one of my least favorite member of this band. I don't really understand... But that was a pleasant dream, Sho is handsome and I don't hate him. Everything is fine !
But the second was really stranger... There was another JE boy and certainly the one I hate the most. I can't bear him really ! It's Jin (yeah from Kat-tun, I know some persons laughing to death right now)... I'm traumatized, my life is over! I dreamed about KT !! About Jin T_______T I hate my subconscious, I hate it, I hate my mind...
Someone, kill me now, please >__<
I'm almost scared to dream now ... just kiddin'
(Nino I love you, I wanna dream just about you T___T)
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I was a little bored this afternoon, but thanks to [profile] kotorichan who creates this giant JE survey, I'm not bored anymore !

Follow me )

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Ninooooooo is so greaaaaaaaat ! Nothing to say, everyone on LJ have written someting about his new movie... Ninooooooooo so greaaaaaaaaaaat !

Today :
I woke up with Sayaendo in my head ...
I listened to Sayaendo on my way to uni ...
I had Sayaendo in my head all days, during classes ...
I listened to Sayaendo on my way back home ...
I have Sayaendo in my head right now ...
I hate NEWS

Edit : gone to sleep with Sayaendo in my head
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It's been a week since I wrote the last entry here... *no excuse*
*nothing to say*
I'm a little depressed these days for (too) many reasons *don't want to expose this here*

Yesterday, I finally watched Nana's movie! I love it! I heard people found that it was a slow movie and all. But I think it's a great adaptation of this shoujo. They focused on the sad side of the story and that's good (even if Nana is quite funny sometimes). Casting is great too ... except Shin, i didn't find him cute at all, he has a strange face, too different from the kawaiiiiii manga's Shin ! Nothing else to say, I'm pretty bad talking about movies ^^'
Tonight, I watched episodes 13 & 14 of Goong ! I love this drama (yes I love so many things, it's kinda tiring actually). Yul changed his hair style *sad >__<*, he lost some points in charisma ! But it's still a wonderful character. And the actor (Kim Jeong Hoon) makes my heart move by his skill. He is SO perfect for this role! Yul, you must wiiiiiiiiiiin ! I'm with you, go go !
Also watched Gachibaka 6, still watchable (does this word exist in english??? *don't think so*) Tegoshi is just too cute in this, and Massu too *fangirl* But, there's one thing that's upset me in this kind of drama, everything ends very well "I don't have money and I'll be kicked from school but *surprise* someone coming from another planet helps me unexpectedly and everything turns out perfectly and life is wonderful and I love the world". I know I'm a pessimistic girl but a little point of reality would be great in dorama sometimes (I don't care for romantic drama, for me it MUST be stupid ^^)!
Watched Utawara too... Jun rulzzz (and I love the moment, in Kat-tun live, when Ueda after singing bowed to the guy in building entrance) !

*sleeping time*
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I'm currently watching the latest G no Arashi with Air guitar topic (I love that, one of the funniest things ever), and at the beginning of the show, Jun & Nino did some air guitar together and I LOVE NINO in this, seriously, he made me laugh so much...
Well, I'm generous today, so here's the extract :

Top 9

Feb. 7th, 2006 08:26 pm
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It's been a few days that I want to establish my "top 9" of JE ( 9 as the 9 active bands in this music company at this moment). I didn't post it earlier because of all the things bewtween fans since the announce of KT's debut...
Well I don't care! I'll do my wonderful top 9 list now !

and the winner is ... )

Honjani is waiting for me *byebye*
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KAZUNARI NINOMIYA is your STORMY dream boy! To
you, love is like a song and to him, you are
his soul and his heart and his main
inspiration in life. You share the passion
for the love of music, deep, meaningful
words, and the beautiful wonders of the world
around you. He would gladly make you smile
and make you feel so worthwhile with the
gentleness of his voice as he pours all his
heart and soul in to his song while strumming
his guitar to create a beautiful melody that
defines you, him, and the love you share
together. ^_^

Define Your STORMY Dream Boy!
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Jan. 29th, 2006 08:11 pm
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As I said in my previous post, I have finally watched the first episode of Gachibaka.
My toughts: it's not a bad drama but the story is too common. It's clearly a GTO's remake with a bit of boxe stuff. The great new teacher, an ex-boxer who promised his sensei to be a teacher too and lead his students on the right way (bla bla bla), comes to an new school and by chance he is in charge of the most problematic class... He will gain the trust of this persons one step to another thanks to his big heart and ideal !
Hum hum not quite original...
But, buuut, buuut there are ... there are ... two beautiful actors ... hum singers ... hum well two johnny's : Tegoshi Yuya & Masuda Takahisa !!! That's all... But, I'm sure there will be a love triangle between them and the girl (can't remember her name)... I'm sure T___T IT'S WRONG! Fight for me instead, both of you !!! Rah my stupid fangirlism comes out again >_<<
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Last night, I was talking with Viiince (the only one who listens quietly to my stupid fangirlism) and I talked about Gachibaka, the new drama with Tegoshi and Massu. And I realized I can't really see Tego like a real "man" cause he is too too too cuuuute like a little brother.
So I began to create sort of a Johnny's family (nothing else to do during the night).

So Tego would be my little lovely brother. I want to hug him forever ("too cute little tego tooo cute") and pat pat his head very often. But I'll be an overprotective sister. I would follow him to school, wait him after the end of his class, lead him to home and especially keep away all girls who come near him (poor Tego). He is TOO CUTE (I should stop saying that). Each morning, when I see him, I would say "Nyaaaaaaaah" and hug him again. Hmmm good for him, I'm not his sister in reality. He would be traumarized!

And I thought about who could be my big brother. I chose Shingo (Katori from SMAP), weird choice! He is so funny but seems a very protetive and caring person. He's tall and strong, he could beat all the bad guys who would annoy me!

That's all for the moment!
To be continued...
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Je viens de regarder le dernier épisode en date de MMA (flemme d'écrire en entier). C'était trop mimi >_< Cette fois-ci Ohno et Nino sont allés voir un chtit couple de vieux qui cultivaient de délicieuses fraises (*faim*). J'ai adoré le passage où Ohno part faire du karaoké avec la grand-mère (Go go Satoshi! Le enka c'est ta passion). Voilà comme d'hab faisage de bouffe et degustation (pourquoi les gens mangent-ils tout le temps dans les émissions jap???????).
Voilà c'était juste pour dire ce commentaire super intéressant! La semaine prochaine Aiba et Juuuuuun (glasses ON *bave* hum hum désolée)dans un truc de euh je sais déjà plus quoi ^^'(ma mémoire me fuit).

Dites dites, staff de MMA, vous voulez pas faire un épisode spécial en France genre je connais des gens qui font de la très bonne tapenade (faut les attirer avec la bouffe, j'suis sure que ça peut marcher). La côte d'Azur c'est vachement bien! Cela vous changera du Japon ! Ou pour un autre programme, je m'en fiche, faut changer de pays! Un peu d'exotisme... Quoique attendez un peu que les cheveux de Nino reviennent, j'aimerai bien... Voilà c'est tout, si vous me lisez merci...
Tiens et si j'allais dodo...
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Hier soir, enfin c'était déjà ce matin tôt, avec Viiiince, on est parti sur des délires sur les boysbands jap... le pauvre je dois le saouler avec mon fangirlism j'suis sure (mais il le dit pas). Brefle je lui ai fait connaître SMAP (l'erreur de sa vie) et surtout Triangle, mais là n'est pas le sujet!
Je ne sais plus trop comment (un jour je garderai les logs msn) il en est venu à me demander de choisir entre Ryo et Jun. Ma réponse tenait à peu près à ça (ma mémoire fait peur):
"Entre deux crétins prétentieux, je choisis... je choisis... *suspens* je choisis ... Tomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
Donc voilà, j'ai décidé de créer ce nouvel avatar en hommage à moi-même et à Toma que personne n'aime sauf moi (au moins comme ça pas de jaloux) !

Ah Vince me fait signe qu'il a une piste du pourquoi de la venue de la question, je cite:
"y avait une sombre histoire avec jun qui devait venir à antibes pour mener l'enquête sur ton couteau à fruits et ryo-chan qui desespéré passait avec une corde"
C'est fort possible !

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