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Au moins Arashi a compris le sens du mot Happiness (alors qu'il est en anglais... pasque les kattun ... hum hum ... pourtant yorokobi c'était du japonais ils auraient pu tilter) !!!
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Oh it's been a long time since I wrote my last message here...
I'm not really motivated to write in english at this moment...

Anyway, why my life is over?
Last night, I had some dreams ... too weird dreams (even for me).
In the first dream, there was Sho from Arashi... First time I dream about him, really weird. He is one of my least favorite member of this band. I don't really understand... But that was a pleasant dream, Sho is handsome and I don't hate him. Everything is fine !
But the second was really stranger... There was another JE boy and certainly the one I hate the most. I can't bear him really ! It's Jin (yeah from Kat-tun, I know some persons laughing to death right now)... I'm traumatized, my life is over! I dreamed about KT !! About Jin T_______T I hate my subconscious, I hate it, I hate my mind...
Someone, kill me now, please >__<
I'm almost scared to dream now ... just kiddin'
(Nino I love you, I wanna dream just about you T___T)
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Yeah, right, I kinda like this album ...
Some songs are pretty good and stay in the head for hours (I hate that).
But some songs give a "western like" feeling (and there's also Arashi like melody *obsession toward this band*).
Arashiiiiiiiii I love youuuuuuuuuuuu ... eh? ... what? That's not the original topic of this note? Don't care ! Ninoooooo I love youuuuu !!!
(omg i created a "kat-tun" tag, my life is now over)
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I want a baby goat !!!

Anyway, Nino sung Remioromen's 3gatsu 9 ka in this episode (*lovelove*).
Here comes the video !

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Ninooooooo is so greaaaaaaaat ! Nothing to say, everyone on LJ have written someting about his new movie... Ninooooooooo so greaaaaaaaaaaat !

Today :
I woke up with Sayaendo in my head ...
I listened to Sayaendo on my way to uni ...
I had Sayaendo in my head all days, during classes ...
I listened to Sayaendo on my way back home ...
I have Sayaendo in my head right now ...
I hate NEWS

Edit : gone to sleep with Sayaendo in my head
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I'm currently watching the latest G no Arashi with Air guitar topic (I love that, one of the funniest things ever), and at the beginning of the show, Jun & Nino did some air guitar together and I LOVE NINO in this, seriously, he made me laugh so much...
Well, I'm generous today, so here's the extract :
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KAZUNARI NINOMIYA is your STORMY dream boy! To
you, love is like a song and to him, you are
his soul and his heart and his main
inspiration in life. You share the passion
for the love of music, deep, meaningful
words, and the beautiful wonders of the world
around you. He would gladly make you smile
and make you feel so worthwhile with the
gentleness of his voice as he pours all his
heart and soul in to his song while strumming
his guitar to create a beautiful melody that
defines you, him, and the love you share
together. ^_^

Define Your STORMY Dream Boy!
brought to you by Quizilla

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Latest G no arashi is sooooooo funny!
They visited a male cheerleading team. They tried to learn some choregraphy elements (but that's not really good, special mention to leader with his energetic motivation ^^).
I laughed so much during this show! I love Arashi and especially ... Nino (my most important current obsession). He did the best job during practice and all. But, but, the best was the end, when he wants to thank Shockers (the cheerleading team) !!! Why? huhu I don't way to say it... But you can see it on this vidéo :
I want to see the next show now T___T I'm getting a bit impatient these days...

one stupid pic )
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I juste spend the last two days to classify my arashi's photos on my computer. And I made a count of all I have depend on the subject...

I love suspens )
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Je viens de regarder le dernier épisode en date de MMA (flemme d'écrire en entier). C'était trop mimi >_< Cette fois-ci Ohno et Nino sont allés voir un chtit couple de vieux qui cultivaient de délicieuses fraises (*faim*). J'ai adoré le passage où Ohno part faire du karaoké avec la grand-mère (Go go Satoshi! Le enka c'est ta passion). Voilà comme d'hab faisage de bouffe et degustation (pourquoi les gens mangent-ils tout le temps dans les émissions jap???????).
Voilà c'était juste pour dire ce commentaire super intéressant! La semaine prochaine Aiba et Juuuuuun (glasses ON *bave* hum hum désolée)dans un truc de euh je sais déjà plus quoi ^^'(ma mémoire me fuit).

Dites dites, staff de MMA, vous voulez pas faire un épisode spécial en France genre je connais des gens qui font de la très bonne tapenade (faut les attirer avec la bouffe, j'suis sure que ça peut marcher). La côte d'Azur c'est vachement bien! Cela vous changera du Japon ! Ou pour un autre programme, je m'en fiche, faut changer de pays! Un peu d'exotisme... Quoique attendez un peu que les cheveux de Nino reviennent, j'aimerai bien... Voilà c'est tout, si vous me lisez merci...
Tiens et si j'allais dodo...
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Lalalalalala bon je continue mes icons, vieilles, que je redimensionne pour LJ



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